You can forget about having kids or winning a meat tray at the local pub, there is nothing better than barreling towards an infinite horizon and leaving your cares with yesterday.

Campervan Hire Australia

#TIP: Selecting the Best Campervan for your Roadtrip…

Before even considering whether to Hire or Buy a Campervan, you need to think about where you are going. Many Factors come into play which we discuss here…

Campervan Hire Australia

#TIP: Buy a Campervan or Hire a Campervan?

Whether you’re travelling to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA or got-damn Uzbekistan – the same general rule applies: If you’re gonna be travelling for 3 months or more, it will be far more economical to buy a Campervan than renting. Why? Read on…

Campervan Hire Australia

1-3 Days Approx 500kms

Iconic & Unforgettable: The Great Ocean Road

The Melbourne is Australia’s most liveable city and just hours in any direction will take you to some of Australia’s best tourist attractions, none more famous than the Great Ocean Road.

Campervan Hire Australia

1-3 Days Approx 500kms

Where the Wild Things Are: Wilsons Promontory

Situated on the forgotten side of Victoria, Wilsons Promontory National Park is a natural wonderland. With Emus, wombats & Kangaroos scattered across this pristine coastline.

Campervan Hire Australia

1-3 Days 300-500kms

Quick Trips: Our Top 5 Melbourne Roadtrips

Melbourne is in my opinion, Australia’s greatest city to live. Not just because the people are friendly. All around Melbourne there are incredible things to see – all within a few hours reach.

Birdsville 4x4 Hire

10-14 Days Approx 3,500kms

Diesel & Dust: The Birdsville Races

It’s one of Australia’s most iconic horse races. It’s also the hardest to get to. Hire a 4WD and hit the road to see the remarkable Western Queensland Channel Country…

Campervan Hire Australia

3-5 Days Approx 1,000kms

On Top Downunder: The NSW Southern Tablelands

Mount Kosciuszko is not only extremely difficult to spell, it’s also Australia’a highest mountain at a pathetic 2,228m elevation. It’s true, as a mountain it is not intimidating nor overly impressive. But wait. Before you turn your campervan around, read on…

Sydney Campervan Hire

7-10 Days Approx 1,500kms

The Banana Republic: NSW’s Pacific Coast Route

I hate to follow the well-worn campervan trail. I like to get off the track and explore, away from the huddled masses. But sometimes, there’s a reason why travellers swarm to a region like seagulls on a chip.

Perth Campervan Hire

12-14 Days Approx 4,000kms

More News from Nowhere: The Nullarbor

No place in Australia can capture the imagination like The Nullarbor. An epic adventure across two states, renown for desert solitude, massive sharks and wild Southern Ocean Bunda Cliffs. Few Australians have traversed this road, but those who have, will never forget the experience…

Campervan Hire Australia

3-4 Days Approx 1,200kms

Mungo Magic: Mungo National Park

An overlooked gem on the fringe of the Australian Outback, Mungo National Park is an ancient, sacred site. The landscape is wide open, dry and encapsulates the true essence of the Outback – and only 5.5 hours from Adelaide!

Alice Springs 4x4 Hire

10-14 Days Approx 2,800kms

Beyond the Black Stump: Adelaide to Alice Springs

This epic journey starts in Adelaide, then heads north over the Flinders Ranges and along the Oodnadatta Track towards Coober Pedy. It takes in the iconic Kata Tjuta National Park and West MacDonnell Ranges before concluding in Alice Springs…

Campervan Hire Australia

#TIP: The Cheapest Times to Hire a Campervan…

The daily financial struggle is something a lot of us have to contend with. However – every man, woman and pony is entitled to enjoy the campervan life at least once in their life. So if you’re strapped for cash, but still want a kickass holiday, here’s a guide to the cheapest campervan hire prices in Australia over a typical calendar year…

Campervan Hire Australia

#TIP: Planning your Trip…

Seriously. We get it man, when you’re in a campervan you shouldn’t be stuck to someone else’s itinerary. But unless you’re roaming the highways for life, you’re going to need to plan a little bit or potentially risk missing the best spots…

Campervan Hire Australia

#TIP: The Ultimate Campervan Hire Guide Australia…

The internet is a whirlwind of mis-information and people selling unattainable dreams. That’s why the team here at Compare Campervan Hire want you to be truly prepared for your Australian Camper roadtrip…

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