Autosleepers 6-Berth Motorhome

x 6 x 6 Auto BUDGET

Hire this Motorhome from $119 Per Day. Autosleepers 6-Berth Motorhomes are 2010+ Custom-fitted VW/Mercedes Motorhomes with everything you need to be independent on the road, including TV, DVD and plenty of headroom – even a toilet & shower!

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The Autosleepers 6-Berth Motorhome will get you serious bang for your buck! With Unlimited KM’s, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance and everything you need to be completely independent, these modern 2010+ Motorhomes offer great value to all travellers to Australia.

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Guaranteed BEST Campervan Rental Rates for this Autosleepers Camper. The team at Autosleepers will send you a quote shortly with the best market rate available…

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