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Budget Campervan Hire brands like Jucy Campers and Spaceships are great for getting around Australia on the cheap, while upmarket motorhomes and 4WD’s from Britz Campers are always a hit with the family. For the best Australian roadtrip, ask us for advice – we don’t know much, but we know campervans! To book, give us a call or book online today.

Awesome Campers Australia

x 2 x 2 Auto From $25*

Awesome Campervans

Drivers 21+. Brisbane-Owned and Operated, budget Campers with all the trimmings. 8 Rental Locations around Australia and One Way Hires available at discount rates.SEE ALL CAMPERVANS >>

cheap campervan hire

x 2-6 x 2-6 A & M From $59*

Britz Campervans

Drivers 21+. In Australia, Britz is a Motorhome & 4WD hire specialist, offering premium 4WD campervans, Motorhomes and rental cars for travellers who want to truly get off the tourist track. Britz offer exceptional motorhomes & campervans, backed up by a great support team.SEE ALL CAMPERVANS >>

cheap campervan hire

x 2-4 x 2-4 Manual From $59*

Calypso Campervans

Drivers 21+. Family Owned and Operated, budget Campers with all the trimmings. Small Fleet of Campers available at 6 Locations.SEE ALL CAMPERVANS >>

cheap campervan hire

x 2-5 x 2-5 A & M From $39*

Camperman Australia

Drivers 19+. Camperman Australia is a locally-owned & family-run campervan rental company with locations available between Cairns & Adelaide. Whether there are two of you or a group, Camperman have the campervan to suit your needs and budget.SEE ALL CAMPERS >>

cheap campervan hire

x 2-5 x 2-5 Auto From $39*

Jucy Rentals

Drivers 18+. Jucy offer a range of well-furnished budget campers, backed up by excellent service. Jucy are one of Australia’s leading backpacker campervan rental companies with 8 locations across Australia’s East Coast.SEE ALL CAMPERS >>

cheap campervan hire

x 2-6 x 2-6 A & M From $69*

Let’s Go Motorhomes

Drivers 21+. Australia’s Premier Luxury Motorhome & Campervan Rental Company with 9 Rental Locations. Travel Australia in total luxury. SEE ALL CAMPERVANS >>

cheap campervan hire

x 2-3 x 2-3 A & M From $29*

Mighty Campers

Drivers 18+. Mighty Campers is an Australian-owned campervan rental company with several locations around Australia and a range of hi-top campers and motorhomes to suit all budgets…SEE ALL CAMPERVANS >>

cheap campervan hire

x 2-4 x 2-4 Auto From $29*

Spaceships Rentals

Drivers 18+. Perfect Budget Campervans for Backpackers, with 4 East Coast Locations. Multiple Winner of the Golden Backpack Awards in Australia in New Zealand, testament to their excellent service without any hidden fees.SEE ALL CAMPERVANS >>

cheap campervan hire

x 2-5 x 2-5 A & M From $35*

Travellers Autobarn

Drivers 18+. Travellers Autobarn knows Australia inside out – it’s their home! They also know cars and love their job. Basically, the idea of travelling around Australia by bus is simply out of the question. For most Aussies, not just the adventurous ones, but students, families and retirees, the only way to see Australia is by campervan!SEE ALL CAMPERVANS >>

With over 200 Rental Locations around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and more, renting a van has never been so easy. Don’t forget – we also offers the best rates on one way hires and can offer helpful travel advice, like how to get 2 days out of the same pair of underwear and why you shouldn’t eat pies from petrol stations…If you see a better campervan hire price anywhere – make sure you contact us!

*All prices shown are subject to conditions and may vary according to season.