GoCheap 2-Berth Tamar Motorhome

From $99 Per Day. One of the most affordable 2-berth motorhomes in Australia, the GoCheap 2-Berth Tamar is a little older than most of it’s alternative options – but it still offers exceptional value for couples. Well-serviced and complete with everything you need on the road, you’ll like the camper and love the price!

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Budget Motorhome Rental has never looked so good! Complete with everything you need for an independent roadtrip, the GoCheap 2-Berth Tamar Motorhome will please almost everyone on a tight budget!

Available in 5 Locations around Australia, the GoCheap Tamar 2-Seater Motorhome is the ideal home-away-from-home. Available from just $79.99 per day – these vehicles are perfect for couples or mates with a little less flexibility in the budget.

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We Guarantee the BEST Campervan Rental Rates for this Go Cheap Motorhome. Ask us for a quote today – our team will get back to you quickly with the best market price available…

Important Information from GoCheap Campers:

Please be advised a *Toddler Seat cannot be fitted to the GoCheap 2-Berth Tamar. One **Child Seat may be fitted to the front passenger seat (not recommended by GoCheap Motorhomes).

*Toddler Safety Seats are suitable for children 6 months – 4 years of age (8-18kg) and must be connected to an anchor point.
**Child Safety Seats are suitable for children 4 – 7 years of age (14-26kg)

Please note: Floor Plans and vehicle specifications are subject to change without notice & may vary due to modifications & or upgrades. GoCheap Motorhome cannot be held liable for any such variance.

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