Let’s Go 3-Berth Cruiser Motorhome

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Hire a 3-Berth Cruiser Motorhome from $129 Per Day. Travel Australia in absolute style and comfort in one of Australia’s most premium Motorhome rental vehicles. Includes everything you need for a self-sufficient Australian roadtrip, the 3-Berth Cruiser Motorhome is a truly amazing motorhome for 2-3 people looking to explore our country with all the comforts of home.

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When you hire with Let’s Go Motorhomes you’re not just getting an exceptional vehicle, you’re getting incredible service as well. The team at Let’s Go know will give you a comprehensive demonstration of the motorhome at pickup so you can make the most out of your roadtrip.
Requires no special licence and is easy to drive and park. Let’s Go Motorhomes have 9 Rental Locations around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns.

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Guaranteed BEST Campervan Rental Rates for this Let’s Go Motorhome. The team at Let’s Go will send you a quote shortly with the best market rate available…

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