Jucy Condo 5-Seater Campervan

From $79 Per Day. The JUCY Condo has a custom built interior, featuring everything from a gas cooker, fridge and kitchen sink. The Condo is fully self contained with a cassette toilet & grey water tank. All that and it even sleeps four adults! This is a truly awesome camper!

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The Jucy Condo 5-Seater Campervan is not only cute as a button (it’s a like a mini-winnibago!), it’s totally practical. If you’re runnin’ from the law and need to live on the road – you could do far worse than hire this kickass campervan!

JUCY started in 2001 in Auckland, New Zealand with a fleet of just 35 rental cars. Today they’ve got more than 3,800 cars, campers and motorhomes across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. In New Zealand they also operate two JUCY Cruise boats in Milford Sound and JUCY Snooze accommodation in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown (with more on the way)!

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