Want more direct bookings?

Most people are not aware of the rental brands that operate in Australia. As such, our website is a great way of informing potential renters of your brand and offering. It’s the perfect way to gain exposure for your brand and pickup some more direct bookings. Our website is receiving a substantial amount of leads every day for your vehicles – and we want to send them your way. For you, this means:

Less spend on Google Ads
Leads with high conversion potential
Enquiries from interested, informed visitors
More website traffic
No excessive agent commissions

Don’t pay for leads you don’t need!

Choose when to offer your vehicles and avoid paying for any leads that you don’t need!

Add ‘blackout’ dates so your vehicle won’t show during certain periods (during Xmas, Easter)
Add minimum hire periods to avoid unqualified leads
Add specials/promotions to boost leads during off-peak seasons

How much are these leads?

Direct Leads

$10 Each

Our customers spend a long time on our website, carefully comparing and selecting their vehicles. These enquiries are for your specific vehicle from visitors who are ready to book.

These leads are comprehensively ‘filtered’ by our aggregator to avoid ‘dead leads’ or unqualified enquiries:

Ineligible hirers are filtered out (age requirements)
Minimum Hire periods & office hours apply to searches
Product specifications & images are up-to-date

Targeted Leads

$2 Each

Many of our site visitors are unsure about which vehicle to choose – after all, there are a tonne of logistics involved! So sometimes they ask for our advice.

These leads are categorised according to the clients requirements:

Budget Campers
Hi-top Campers
Budget Motorhomes
Premium Motorhomes

Once received, our database will distribute these enquiries to a maximum of 5 relevant rental companies.

Website Traffic

$1 Per Click

We’re happy to direct our site visitors to your website or booking steps. This will also widen your target audience for re-marketing campaigns.

Billing & Accounts

Should you choose to receive leads from our site:

You’ll receive comprehensive monthly reports about your generated leads
You’ll pay $0 signup or subscription fees
You can opt out at anytime
You can apply additional filters to prevent unqualified leads
Your current specials can be advertised on site for no additional cost

Customer Privacy

All visitors will be well-informed about the nature of our website and must acknowledge that their details will be shared with third-parties (rental companies) in order to complete an enquiry.

Under no circumstances shall Compare Campervan Hire direct targeted leads to competitors or third-parties other than the relevant rental company.

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