Campervan Rental

We want to help drive more direct bookings your way – by sending our website visitors straight to you!

Our website looks and feels just like a traditional comparison site – like Motorhome Republic, or Expedia. But with one significant difference – we don’t want to stand between you and your customer.

We want to send them directly to your website and your sales team – giving you more control and a bigger ‘slice of the pie’. So sign up today – it’s FREE to list your campervans and you only pay when you receive a genuine lead!

$7 Per Direct Lead: Enquiries from visitors who are interested in your specific vehicle. A copy of each enquiry will be emailed to customer with links to your booking system & contact page.

$2 Per Targeted Lead: These are enquiries from visitors who are interested in a vehicle in your rental category (ie Hitop, etc). Once received, our database will distribute these enquiries to a maximum of 5 relevant rental companies.

Let’s Get Started!

Set your Monthly Budget

ie 50 Direct Leads = $350. Remember: you will only be charged for the leads you receive up until your monthly cap. If you don't receive any leads, you don't pay anything. Once your cap is reached, your vehicles will become unavailable on our search list until the new billing period.

Blackout Dates

If you don't need leads during a certain period, then let us know! You can pause your campaign by setting your dates below.
Campaign Pause #1
Campaign Pause #2
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