Where The Wild Things Are.

Situated on the forgotten side of Victoria, Wilsons Promontory National Park is a natural wonderland. With Emus, wombats & Kangaroos scattered across this pristine coastline.

So hire a campervan and explore Australia’s southern-most point – a brilliant weekend trip, only a couple of hours from Melbourne…

Where is Wilsons Promontory National Park?

1-3 Day Trip Approx 500kms Round Trip

From Melbourne: About 200kms on Sealed Roads from Melbourne. It’s worth taking a couple extra days to check Phillip Island & Mornington Peninsula too!

Wilsons Promontory National Park is the southern-most point of the Australian mainland and it’s also one of Australia’s best-kept secrets. Melbournians have known about it for years – but the rest of Australia wouldn’t have a clue where it is! This is because the fat-cats in Melbourne want to keep it all to themselves…probably.

Campervan Hire Melbourne

Melbourne Campervan Hire
Melbourne Campervan Hire

There’s a range of bushwalks in the park, some range from 1-hour trips to 3-day hikes – depending on how much you wanna see! As you enter the park, you’ll need to drive slowly – particularly if entering near sunrise or sunset, as kangaroos, emus and wombats like to play smoosh with campervan windscreens around these times.

There’s only one place to sleep in the park, and that’s at Tidal River Camp Ground. Situated right next to a nice little surf beach, the campground comes to life at night as dozens of local wombats come out to feed – often right next to your campervan!

Often overlooked for the Great Ocean Road, Victoria’s Wilson’s Promontory is an arid, coastal wonderland with wild wombats, kangaroos, emus & echidnas all shitting all over the place! About 3 hours from Melbourne, it’s a real wildlife experience with endless views and incredible isolation…

Jumping on the Monash Freeway and heading South-East, you’ll traverse through acres of farm land and cow country until you reach the entry point for the park (be sure to stop at the entrance to grab a park map). Wilson’s Promontory National Park is over 500 square-kilometres of land full of animal poo and bush scrub!

Campervan Hire Melbourne

Melbourne Campervan Hire
Melbourne Campervan Hire

But look further than the poo and you’ll soon see wild wombats and emus crossing the road in every direction. About 15 minutes into the park you’ll see a clearance to your left often with a couple of emus plodding along and a couple of friendly Germans stalking their every move. If you park your campervan and walk past the first line of scrub you’ll find a massive flat terrain with wombat dens, kangaroos and emus! Best time to see these furry little guys is around sunrise or sunset if you’re too hungover to get up early!

Apart from wildlife, the coast is incredible. With massive sand dunes and offshore islands, the view is amazing. There’s a tonne of little spots to park your Campervan and picnic by the sea, and also plenty of offroad hiking, so wear some comfy shoes!

If you’re into surfing, there’s a few waves in and around Tidal River and Whisky Bay if you get lucky and the swell manages to snake it’s way through the myriad of offshore islands.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All Melbourne-based Campervan and Motorhome companies allow all vehicle types into the park. Tidal River Campground prices start from $25 Per Night per vehicle. The campground has a small shop, but you’ll want to bring your own supplies (inc Booze).

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