Buy a Campervan or Hire a Campervan?

If haven’t lost your vanginity then you need to sort your life out son. We’ve got the perfect tips for campervannin’ – including where to buy or rent your camper, how to scam free stuff on the road and of course, how to pick up good-looking people.

There’s many factors to consider before choosing your campervan – after all, you’re gonna be living in the thing 24/7! Our team at Compare Campervan Hire know all there is to know about choosing a campervan – here’s what you need to know…

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When Buying a Campervan is probably best…

Whether you’re travelling to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA or got-damn Uzbekistan – the same general rule applies: If you’re gonna be travelling for 3 months or more, it will be far more economical to buy a Campervan than renting. Why?

It’s simple – you buy a campervan and it’s yours, when you’re done you can re-sell it and re-coup some of that cost. If you hire a campervan, that money is gone. In Australia and New Zealand, you can buy a pretty decent older model campervan (Toyota Hiace, Mitsubishi Express van) from $5,000. Of course it depends when you’re travelling – over summer there’s a lot of demand for campervans and sale prices are often quite inflated. Best time to BUY a campervan would be the autumn months of March – May, when other travellers are lookin’ to go home and are desperate to sell their van.

In Canada and the USA, it’s even cheaper to buy a van, fit it out and hit the road. It’s legal for non-residents in Australia, NZ, Canada and USA to purchase & register a campervan – so don’t stress your pretty little head over that one…

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When Renting a Campervan is probably better…

If you’re only on a short holiday in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA or anywhere for that matter – it definitely pays to shop around and find the best Campervan Hire deals. Here’s at Compare Campervan Hire, we offer near-wholesale rates on almost EVERY campervan hire brand known to man-kind. So if you don’t feel like shoppin’ around, don’t worry – cos’ that’s what we’re here to do for you! The upsides to renting a campervan are obvious:

You don’t have to worry about maintenance if the van has troubles (all hire companies offer a roadside assistance program).
You don’t have to worry about selling the camper after your roadtrip – just throw the keys at Pablo and get outta there before they see all the sex toys you left in the back…
You don’t have to go through the hassles of registering the van and getting roadworthy certificates – just grab the keys and hit the road.

When you rent a campervan in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere in the western world – you are protected by consumer rights legislation. You know that most campervan rental companies will be forced by law to offer you a vehicle that is safe, mechanically-sound and that the price you pay is fair. We know there’s nothin’ worse than layin’ out $5k for a van from a guy named John, Davo or Stevo – only to have it break down 3 days later in the outback. P.S Never buy a campervan from a guy named John, Davo or Stevo.

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