The 5 Best Backpacker Campervan Hire Companies

Thinking of hiring a campervan in Australia? On a tight budget? Well look no further than our 5 Best Backpacker Campervan Hire Companies below…

1. Spaceships

One of Australia’s most popular campervan rental companies for backpackers, Spaceships have less rules, less fees and more flexibility than your average camper hire joint. Why do we recommend Spaceships for your Australian roadtrip holiday?

  • 24/7 Pickup & Dropoff available on request. Don’t worry about running late, your mates at Spaceships are flexible enough to handle any challenge.
  • Cheap Rental Rates. Spaceships are often the cheapest on the market! Why? Because Spaceships waive one way fees, additional driver fees and offer an extremely competitive daily rental rate.
  • Rentals for Drivers 18+. In Australia it can be difficult to rent a campervan or motorhome if you’re under the age of 21. But not at Spaceships! These guys will rent to anyone and everyone aged 18 and over with a valid license.
  • Stress Free liability cover. At $30 per day, Spaceships liability cover is pretty much on par with the other companies. But – Spaceships offer way more coverage and way less rules. So relax, Spaceships Campers will look after you!

  • 2. Jucy Rentals

    They may be from New Zealand originally, but Jucy Rentals have truly taken the Australian backpacker market by storm! With a nifty range of well-maintained green-machines, here’s why you should consider renting with Jucy:

  • Complete Transparency. When you hire a campervan with Jucy rentals, what you see is what you get. No nasty surprises, simple fee structure and friendly depot staff. Jucy is well and truly a professional backpacker campervan hire company!
  • Well Maintained Fleet. Jucy Rentals maintain an impeccable fleet of budget & backpacker campervans. With modern fitouts and regularly replaced equipment, you’ll love the feeling of renting a budget camper that feels like new!
  • Rentals for Drivers 18+. Jucy will rent their vans to all drivers 18 and over. As long as you have a valid license, you’re good to go!

  • 3. Travellers Autobarn

    Travellers Autobarn have recently updated their range of iconic Chubby and Kuga Campers – meaning you get even newer model campers at the same great, low rental rate! Here’s why we think you should think about renting with Travellers Autobarn:

  • Modern Hi-top Campers. Travellers Autobarn have invested heavily in renewing fleet of hitop campervans, most notably, their Kuga Campers. Trust me when I say, there is nothing better than a roadtrip in a spacious hitop camper!
  • Low Daily Rental Rates. These guys pride themselves on their affordable range of campervans. Hence why Travellers Autobarn remain a favourite for backpackers in Australia and New Zealand!
  • Guide to free camps & excellent camping equipment. When you hire a camper with TAB, you’ll be setup with an excellent assortment of cooking equipment, a dual battery (with fridge) and even a handy guide to free-camping in Australia! So if you want to save money on your roadtrip, check out these guys at Travellers Autobarn!

  • 4. Camperman

    The team at Camperman like to do things differently. When you hire a Camperman hitop camper, you’re getting your vehicle and comprehensive insurance all wrapped up in one handy daily fee. And the savings truly do add up!

  • Locations across Australia’s East Coast. Camperman have rental locations right up the East Coast, making one way hires an excellent option for your roadtrip.
  • All-Inclusive Campervan Insurance. That’s right – no need to think about it, Camperman have comprehensive cover included in their rental rate.
  • Modern Hitops. For the price, Camperman’s range of Hitop campers deliver exceptional value to backpackers. Just bear in mind that you do need to be 19 years of age or older to rent with these guys.

  • 5. Awesome Campers

    A small, super-friendly team of campervan-lovers, Awesome Campers is quickly becoming Australia’s favourite backpacker rental company. And it’s not hard to see why:

  • Super Cheap Campervan Rental! Awesome Campers offer hugely discounted rentals for backpackers aged 21 or over. Seriously, you can save some big bucks with these guys!
  • Small, friendly team. It’s not hard to be overlooked when you hire from the bigger companies. That’s why Awesome Campers can really deliver an excellent rental experience. Because they’re a family-owned and operated campervan hire company, they have an incredible work ethic and a superb customer-focused ethos.
  • Complete with everything you need! They may look compact, but Awesome Campers pack everything you need for a life on the road. Including a fridge, dual battery power and a tonne of cooking equipment – you really do get excellent value from the team at Awesome!
  • So that’s it, our Top 5 Backpacker campervan rental companies. And remember – if you want to hire a campervan with Jucy, Spaceships, Travellers Autobarn, Camperman or Awesome Campers – be sure to check out our prices online here.

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